Leaks are a common cause of high water bills, some leaks are visible like dripping faucets or a running toilet, but others are silent culprits. In either case if you think you have a leak you must take action immediately! Leaks can be very costly. Here’s a general guide on what to do if you think you have a leak.

Step 1:

First ensure no water is being used on property (all water using equipment in off position). 

Step 2:

Check the water meter. Does the meter indicate water flow? (for older meters, check for spinning dial, for newer digital meters check if digits are moving). For newer NWC digital meters, this video from the NWC is helpful.

Once movement is identified on meter, go to next step.

Step 3:

Test toilets for leaks. Check all toilets for leaks. To do this, use a colour dye in your toilet tank (do not flush). If the colour is visible in the bowl after 5 minutes, you have a leak and should make the necessary repairs. 

*Visit our office to purchase leak detection toilet tablets.*

Step 4:            

Walk around and look for visible signs of leaks, drips, water spots.

Step 5:    

If you found any leaks from the above steps, repair immediately!        

If not, Repeat step 1, this time, shut water off from the individual appliance valves e.g. toilet valve located at the back at the bottom, clothes washer valves located at back, faucet valve located at the bottom, etc.

Repeat step 2.

Once completed and a leak is still suspected or if you are not sure, give us a call, our leak detection team can help!

Our process includes pressure testing and the use of listening devices to locate leaks.

Call us at 876-630-3360 or email contact@instantsaveja.com

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