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Our Story

A history of Innovation

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We have outfitted over 300 properties with water saving solutions, saving in some cases up to 50% and have recorded over 50 million liters of water saved. Here are a few of our projects.


Hear From Our Clients

Over the past 2 years, Sagicor Property Services Ltd has worked with Instant-Save Conservation on a number of projects with a view to improve water efficiency at our locations. One of our most recent projects is the retrofitting of faucets at the R. Danny Williams Building to high efficiency touchless units.

During and after this pandemic, limiting the touching of surfaces will be essential to reducing the risk of exposure to Covid-19 and other viruses.

This change was a great investment as it has also helped us save significantly on our water costs.

Instant-Save was the partner of choice to ensure our employees are safe from the spreading of germs and viruses whilst achieving significant reductions as it relates to our water usage goals. 

They offered a professional service with timely installation schedules and competitive pricing.

Winston Lee-Hong

Winston Lee-Hong

Maintenance Manager, Sagicor Property Services Ltd.

“ I see a 40-50% savings on my water bill using the Instant Off Aerator, I saw savings after the first month after I installed it. It saves a lot of water! Working in a car garage my staff wash their hands a lot. Both my customers and staff liked it.”

Micheal McDonald

Micheal McDonald

Owner, Mic’s Wheel Alignment

“We went from purchasing two trucks of water per week to only one!”

Ms Julan Wray

Ms Julan Wray

Bursar, St Mary Technical High School

“Average restroom water consumption decreased by 43% since installing Instant Save’s Water Saving Solutions. This was a positive investment for us.”

Dwayne Coley

Dwayne Coley

Berger Plant Engineer