CEO and Co-Founder

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Leanne Spence is a Director of Instant-Save Conservation Solutions Jamaica Limited, where she has developed solutions that have helped save more than 60 million litres of potable water in Jamaica in four years. She co-founded Instant-Save Conservation Solutions in 2014 with her father, Richard Spence, after investigating and resolving an explainable spike in water usage at the Spence's family restaurant business. Coupled with a successful pilot installation at Mother’s Enterprise Leanne decided to pioneer the water conservation business.With special interest in education, she has created programmes designed to improve conservation behaviours in the workplace, schools and homes by sensitizing persons on the importance of water security for environmental sustainability, economic growth and healthy societies. She is a graduate of the Women Innovator’s Network of the Caribbean Accelerator Program and recently completed a Certification for Water Efficiency Professional from The Association of Energy Engineers.Leanne is a past student of Holy Childhood High School, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from The University of the West Indies and Master’s Degree in International Business from The Mona School of Business and Management.