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  • 1. I’m ready, how do I purchase?

    We have options available for online purchases and delivery throughout the country, give us a call at 630-3360 or email contact@instantsaveja.com.

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  • 2. What opportunities are there to save water on my property?

    There are tons of opportunities you can implement to save, to get started download our Homeowner’s or Commercial Property Owners Checklist. Visit Our Solutions page or call us for a no-cost assessment.

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  • 3. How do I know if I have a leak?

    One of the simple ways to identify if you have a leak is to observe your water meter, shut off all water on your property and wait 10 minutes. Check your meter to ensure that the dial isn’t spinning or digits aren’t moving. If they do, it is likely that you have a leak! Investigate yourself or call a professional to help identify the source of the leak.

    Tip: Know where your master water shut-off valve is located. Were a pipe to burst, this could save gallons of water and prevent damage. With larger properties, have your plumber install lock-off valves at various sections of the property.

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  • 4. How do I repair the Instant Off Aerator?

    Unscrew the aerator from the faucet spout and clear any debris or sediments in the valve. Ensure that washers and filter cap are reseated and reinsert aerator on the faucet.

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  • 5. How do I reduce splashing from the faucet?

    Reduce water pressure under the sink at the angle valve/ lock-off valve until appropriate pressure is reached.

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  • 6. What about warranty of all solutions?

    All our solutions are backed by warranties and you have our full support to ensure little/ no down time on your property.

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  • 7. Are there installation and maintenance guidelines?

    Yes, click to view our warranties and product guidelines.

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Need Product Specifications? Let us know which product you are interested in and we’ll send to you.

Warranties and Product Guidelines

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We are your professional service partner focused on client needs, maximizing cost savings and eliminating waste, supporting environmental and maintenance programs and positioning organizations to benefit from the triple bottom line: Profit, People, Planet. We give users a platform to be a good corporate citizen invested in Sustainable Development.

We work with commercial facilities, hotels, schools, organizations, and homeowners to make an impact on water bills, maintenance costs, and the environment.


Supply and Installation Services

Professional and timely installation schedules to suit you.

Conduct Water Use Assessment

We learn about your goals and challenges

Identify opportunities to reduce consumption by assess existing water usage and inspecting water using equipment

Identify opportunities to reduce consumption

Assess existing water usage

Inspect water using equipment

We learn about your goals and challenges


We stay engaged to see you achieve water reduction targets through monitoring your monthly water bill.

Maintenance Solutions

We supply in-line sediment filters and anti-lime scale devices which reduce wear and tear on your valves and seals, reducing maintenance and improving the life of your fixtures.

We share best practices for maintenance of fixtures to reduce costs.

Guarantees, Warranties and Product Support offered.

Customized Solutions and Proposal

Tailored proposal with recommendations unique to your property.

Includes project costs and projected savings in liters and dollars

Includes payback timeline


Sensitizing users on the importance and benefits of water conservation and efficiency.

Sharing signage and instructional materials to promote conservation.

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