The Deck

The Deck – Profile

The Deck offers Kingston’s Premier Night Life Experience and was the first restaurant in Jamaica to install our water saving products – Niagara Stealth toilets and Instant Save’s No Handle faucets.

In April 2013, rising water bills caused the proprietor to seek tools of conservation. An investment of $100,000 was made to equip male and female restrooms with Instant Save’s water saving products, the hand wash sinks in the kitchen were also equip with Instant Off Aerators to reduce cross contamination and the spread of food borne illnesses. Savings were 50% reduction in the restroom and an overall 30% reduction on the water bill. Their investment was recovered in six months with perpetual savings.

Results at a Glance

  • Replaced four tap faucets, three toilets and two aerators with Niagara Stealth 0.8 GPF, Instant Save No Handle Faucet and Instant Off Aerators.
  • Savings: 50% reduction on water used in restroom and 30% reduction in water bill.
  • Recovery : Six months

Product Summary
The Stealth Ultra High Efficiency Toilet uses 0.8 GPF and offers a powerful, quiet one flush performance. The No Handle Faucet saves 50% water consumption at faucet and reduces the spread of germs.