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To be the premier source of water efficiency and conservation solutions in for every home, business and institution, instilling a greater appreciation of the financial and environmental value of water.

In January 2013, Business Owner, Richard Spence Snr. observed of rising water bills caused by an underground leak at his New Kingston Restaurant; this created the urgency and interest to seek tools to conserve on water consumption and reduce his monthly bill. After months of intensive research the solution was discovered and implemented in the restrooms of the business location and the results were significant. Repeated installation in home produced great results as well. The cost of his restaurant investment was recovered in seven months by the savings of the reduced water bills.

In June 2014 we conducted our first commercial customer pilot installation at Mother’s Enterprise, the company saved more than JMD $194,000 on water bills within the first four months of installation of Instant Save’s technologies and not only recovered their investment, but had annual savings projected at JMD $750,000. As a result of the pilot, Mother’s Enterprise has outfitted four other locations with the solution.
Instant Save was born, we began operation in September 2014 when Jamaica experienced one of the worst droughts in the last decade which caused people to rethink water and its availability.

Left to Right: Mr. Richard Spence (Founder), Ms. Leanne Spence (Co-Founder) and Mr. Tyrone Wright (General Manager)

Tyrone Wright

General Manager

Leanne Spence


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